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Talick Fuel

We are turning
combustion green

Using renewable fuel reduces GHG emissions significantly

Why choose Talick fuel

Talick tanker driving through fields

Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO)
A direct diesel replacement
No engine modifications are required
Improves fuel efficiency

HVO is a paraffinic / EN15940 fuel

Stable for long term storage

HVO acts as a cleaning agent for engines and reduces maintenance costs

Zero SOx emissions

NOx emissions reduced

Particulate emissions reduced

Improved fuel efficiency

Long term supply and distribution network

White Talick T logo

Talick Power

We are solving
the energy trilemma

We are installing bio fuel generators that use renewable fuel to reduce energy costs below national grid prices, creating a significant reduction in greenhouse gases

Why choose Talick power

Talick generator on site

Renewable Electricity Generation
+ Grid becomes your secondary source of power

Reduced Energy Costs
+ You only pay per kW/h

Increased Energy Security
+ Available 24/7

Powered by TALICK FUEL
+ Renewably Sourced Waste Biofuels

Behind the Meter Connection
+ No non-commodity costs
+ Baseload Power Supply

End to End Service
+ Installation / commissioning /  operations / maintenance / monitoring