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Talick Fuel

We are turning
combustion green

Using renewable fuel reduces GHG emissions significantly

Why choose Talick fuel

Talick tanker driving through fields

Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO)
A direct diesel replacement
No engine modifications are required
Improves fuel efficiency

HVO is a paraffinic / EN15940 fuel

Stable for long term storage

HVO acts as a cleaning agent for engines and reduces maintenance costs

Zero SOx emissions

NOx emissions reduced

Particulate emissions reduced

Improved fuel efficiency

Long term supply and distribution network

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Talick Power

We are solving
the energy trilemma

We are installing bio fuel generators that use renewable fuel to reduce energy costs below national grid prices, creating a significant reduction in greenhouse gases

Why choose Talick power

Talick generator on site

Renewable Electricity Generation
+ Grid becomes your secondary source of power

Reduced Energy Costs
+ You only pay per kW/h

Increased Energy Security
+ Available 24/7

Powered by TALICK FUEL
+ Renewably Sourced Waste Biofuels

Behind the Meter Connection
+ No non-commodity costs
+ Baseload Power Supply

End to End Service
+ Installation / commissioning /  operations / maintenance / monitoring

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Talick Waste

We are converting
waste into fuel

Our waste processors convert municipal waste into a processed raw material, sterile and safe

Why choose Talick waste

Talick waste processor on site

Reduces volume by 80%

Dramatically saves transport and waste disposal costs

Reduces your carbon footprint

In less than 30 minutes our waste processor converts municipal waste into a processed raw material

Working towards Zero waste to landfill

Converts your organic waste to a fertiliser or compost

An easy to use and efficient mechanism to enable waste control which is cost efficient

Specialist support

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Talick Light

We light sites with a
low carbon footprint

Light up any site using solar panels and a renewable fuel option with a backup generator

Why choose Talick light

Talick solar panel laighting on site

Transportable off road towable light towers

Light levels fully adjustable to customer requirements

Remote Management System

We deliver anywhere in the UK and offer 24/7 live support

Low carbon

60,000 Lumen light

Renewable fuel option

Biofuel backup generator

24/7 live support line