Renewable Power for Business

Using Renewable Power for Business

Date published: 08/06/21


The transition towards renewable energy is a critical part of the UK’s legally binding climate change target which aims to reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, thus helping the UK become less reliant on imported fossil fuels and therefore less exposed to higher energy prices in the future.

An example of a company reducing its carbon footprint

The Talick Group are working with a pioneering UK national retailer to generate its own renewable energy at its warehouse and distribution sites across the UK. Through this partnership, Talick Group are installing nine renewable biofuel generators to provide baseload green power which is a great illustration of how to reduce CO2 emissions in industry.

How can businesses reduce their carbon footprint?

Talick Group’s alternative renewable power solution is a great example of how to be a carbon neutral company. Companies are helped in making the transition to net zero by repurposing existing assets like standby biofuel generators and CHP units.
The fuels used by Talick Group’s biofuel generators, namely Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) and waste derived oils, provide the key to this unique solution and the resulting power and heat generated by the kWh units is 100% renewable. Talick Group pass on all the Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates to the client in order for them to be able to meet their carbon certification and sustainability reporting commitments.

Not only do Talick Group’s biofuels come with ‘Proof of Sustainability’, they are also International Sustainability Carbon Certification (ISCC)certified. This combination further supports businesses in their carbon neutral certification in the UK.

Talick biofuel generator producing renewable power

Talick Group’s solution is a simple alternative and truly delivers significant carbon reductions in line with carbon neutral protocol compared to grid power. Roughly speaking, when compared to imported power, the annual carbon saving is around 2,200 tonnes for every 1MW of on-site generation that Talick Group installs.

Clients are able to actually witness (at point of use) the generation of electricity and heat in line with their requirements using biofuel that is sourced from 100% sustainable feedstock.

Talick Group’s solution allows the customer to be off-grid for most of the time and is one of many examples of companies reducing their carbon footprint and working towards a decarbonized, democratised and decentralised energy system.

How can Talick Group help your company reduce its carbon footprint?

Have the Talick team contact you to see how their solutions can benefit your business.

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